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Top HR professionals reveal secret to success

If you've lost your way along the career development path, a mentor can give you the direction you need. We speak to Amanda Revis of Suncorp, Susan Davies of TNT Express and Edweena Stratton of Oracle for their thoughts on how mentors can take your career to the next level.

Video transcript below:

Donna Sawyer, HC TV
Donna Sawyer:  Finding your way along the career development path can leave you feeling lost.  A mentor can give new entrants or even top HR professionals the direction they need.  Amanda Revis of Suncorp says business leaders have given her the best lesson throughout her successful career.

Amanda Revis, Suncorp
Amanda Revis:  I have had coaching one time in my career, not so long ago I got a huge amount out of it, a very experienced coach who helped me to really move into thinking about things from a broader perspective, really helped me in my role at that time.  So I really value the coaching that I received and then in terms of ongoing mentors I tend to keep in touch with the CEOs that I have worked with in the past and the people I am meeting with now have moved on in their career and generally are now working on boards and they are helping me to understand what’s it like to work on a board and to work with management which has helped me in my role reporting to the Board.  
Susan Davies, TNT Express
Susan Davies:  Mentoring is not something that everybody can do, there is a big difference between mentoring people and coaching people and training people and leading people.
Donna Sawyer:  HR can also play a critical role in staff career redevelopment by introducing a mentor program to the organisation.  Susan Davies says all employees at TNT Express have the opportunity to be mentored and the company is measuring the program’s effectiveness.
Susan Davies:  We put a lot of time and investment, in making sure our senior managers are really clear what mentoring means and it’s not just managing and it’s not just giving opinions, it’s about listening which is a key skill of a mentor.  So yeah we and that’s for all levels of the organisation.  So this is a formal program that we really want to measure the return on investment on that program and next year I am really hoping that we can build on that and run even more programs.  
Donna Sawyer:  But you don’t necessarily need a structured program to enjoy the benefits of mentoring.  Edweena Stratton of Oracle says, she learns a lot from informal mentor relationships.
Edweena Stratton, Oracle
Edweena Stratton: There are some great publications that are available from an IT industry perspective, from a HR perspective, you know the access to information is endless.  I also belong to a number of [arm] HR network groups.  So there are some real, we are lucky where we have some real thought leaders in HR in Australia and New Zealand.  And it’s a real privilege to be able to share
ideas and get great perspective from them.
Donna Sawyer:  This is Donna Sawyer reporting for HC TV.