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Learning and development in the digital age

HR is well and truly in the digital age as many professionals take advantage of new software designed to streamline learning and development. We speak to Amanda Revis of Suncorp, Rachel Moore of Retirement Benefits Fund and Kerrie Field of St Vincents and Mater Health about their learning frameworks.

Video transcript below:

Donna Sawyer, HC TVe
Donna Sawyer:  Learning and development is a key part of attracting and retaining staff and HR professionals are taking advantage of new technology and software designed to streamline these processes.  Rachel Moore of Retirement Benefits Fund says their new learning management system has changed how employees approach training.
Rachel Moore, Retirement Benefits Fund
Rachel Moore:  They can go online now and register for the development activities, we can also push out our online learning to employees.  The great thing is that we can actually target online learning to various employees, so I can push something out to all employees if it’s a compliance need or mandatory training or if it’s just to target a particular group of employees and their skill sets, I can send it out to just those people.
Donna Sawyer:  Amanda Revis of Suncorp says having two way communication within the system is vital as it allows employees to learn and to share knowledge.
Amanda Revis, Suncorp
Amanda Revis:  Everyday people communicate on Yammer and it’s fantastic for helping people to share knowledge, share research, solve problems and it’s really giving, empowering people to give things a go and work out how to solve things for themselves.  And specifically in the training design area we have developed our own online tool which allows subject matter experts to effectively design training themselves.
Kerrie Field, St. Vincents & Mater Health
Kerrie Field:  We have our own inhouse journey to leadership program, it’s called Discovery and it really is a continual journey that we actually support leaders from the organisation and future leaders for the organisation through a whole program that actually connects them right from the executive level through the strategic planning process, but also enables them to really get some skill sets around what it means to lead within this organisation and how they won’t engage people to follow them on their journey through the organisation as well.
Rachel Moore:  Online learning has actually become a key strategy for development at RBF and we have now got a suite of about 20 online learning modules that we regularly send out to our employees.  So actually really important that an organisation keeps up with technology especially in the development space because that’s how you make sure that the end user is getting I guess the best interaction and the best engagement.
Donna Sawyer:  Rachel Moore of Retirement Benefits Fund says by embracing these new technologies, organisations can tie their learning framework closer to their corporate strategy.
Rachel Moore:  Within our corporate strategy we have a key result area which is people and focusing on our people to make sure that we attract and retain and develop the right people and through that RBF has a development framework which actually ensures that we deliver our people right through the foundation levels through compliance and capability and then through to alignment and bring it all together.
Donna Sawyer:  This is Donna Sawyer reporting for HC TV.