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HR and Recruitment: It's time to get talking

The future of HR and recruitment must involve better conversations around how HR and recruiters can work together to achieve the best possible talent outcomes. This week on HCTV we talk to Ciaran Foley of Frazer Jones for his insights.

Video transcript below:

Stephanie Zillman, HC TV
Stephanie Zillman:  The future of HR and recruitment must involve better conversations around how HR and recruiters can work together to achieve the best possible talent outcomes.  Ciaran Foley  of Frazer Jones says every industry has negative stereotypes and recruitment is no different.
Ciaran Foley, Manager, Frazer Jones
Ciaran Foley:  Then there are the recruiters who have a reputation which isn’t great and you know that could be bitter for industry.  But on the flip side there are many recruiters who work really effectively with the clients and partner on recruitment decisions and are very much seen as a trusted advisor, so that’s really important in hiring the best candidate.
Stephanie Zillman: The so called quick hire doesn’t do anyone any favours and in order to get the edge in the war for talent, Foley says HR and recruitment must invest in really building a relationship.  
Ciaran Foley:  I think recruiters get a bad name when they are very much focused on a quick fee and that’s at the expense of the candidate and the client experience.  I think what we need to be doing as a recruitment industry is building long relationships that sort of build trust and gain respect of the clients and that medium long term benefit is going to be much more beneficial than any quick fee.  
Stephanie Zillman:  When it comes to external versus internal recruitment functions, Foley says it shouldn’t necessarily be seen as an either or equation.
Ciaran Foley:  Many internal recruitment functions or RPO solutions and external recruiters, it’s almost an us and them.  So it can be perceived as a it’s internal recruitment versus an external recruiter or an RPO solution versus an external recruiter.  I am a firm believer we should turn that thinking on its head and you should work together.  I think if both parties engage early in the piece and there is a more practical approach and you are looking at different channels in the marketplace, you are going to have lot more confidence you have hired the best candidate.
Stephanie Zillman:  This is Stephanie Zillman reporting for HC TV.

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