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Digital revolution: How social media can work for you

Gone are the days when social media was considered a can of worms - savvy HR professionals now embrace it. We speak to Alec Bashinsky of Deloitte, Matthew Rice of Taleo and Mike Beeley of ReAgent for their thoughts on new ways to use social media in the workplace.

Video transcript below:

Stephanie Zillman, HC TV
Stephanie Zillman:
 Hello, I’m Stephanie Zillman and you are watching HC TV. Allowing social media into the workplace was once considered a can of worms.  But these days savvy HR professionals are embracing it to benefit their business.  Alec Bashinsky of Deloitte says good organisations are discovering new ways to use social media, such as talent mapping to identify star performance and niche roles.  

Alec Bashinsky, Deloitte
Alec Bashinsky:  We have spent a lot of time creating what we call digital natives, i.e. people that are comfortable with social media technology from what we classified as digital refugees.  So the linked in strategy for us is an important one.  What we are looking to do with this, is starting to talent map different roles within the firm and we are trying to look outside.  So we are looking for a particular niche in one of our business units, we really want to see what talent exists out there in the Australian marketplace and also globally.  It can be done for current vacancies or it could be done for future growth.
Stephanie Zillman: Matthew Rice of Taleo says social media is a critical tool used to brainstorm and boost productivity in the business.  
Matthew Rice, Taleo
Matthew Rice:  I absolutely think that social networks, inside company social networks are the way for the future, because that’s how collaboration is happening and as we talked about relative to talent mobility and the global talent pool, having those collaboration technology is absolutely critical  and they are so accessible now.  I mean technology has given us some incredibly good tools, incredibly powerful tools to do our business across borders.
Alec Bashinsky:  We are using social media as a communications tool very much internally as well as externally.  The internal process allows us instantaneous communication vehicles for our people in Brisbane and Perth, where a question can be asked and we can get a response within 2 minutes.  Imagine trying to find out a specific piece of information through an email, hopefully you got the right person, do they respond, what about a telephone call, also very difficult, so social media we use a lot internally.
Stephanie Zillman:  Mike Beeley of Reagent’s says social media has also changed the game when it comes to branding.  
Mike Beeley, Reagent
Mike Beeley:  How do you allow people and encourage and empower people to say great things about you in an organisation and if they don’t say some average things about you, then people will find it a little suspicious.  You have got to get comfortable with people’s opinion of you.  It’s not always going to be what your own opinion of your organisation is and it doesn’t have to be.  Everyone is an individual, they come to an organisation and connect with it in their own way, let them tell their own story, don’t be afraid of it.
Alec Bashinsky:  You can’t control a lot of social media, so you need to embrace it.  Part of that is using things like Youtube to create brand awareness on our people, we use our own Deloitte facebook for recruitment purposes, we have ipad and iphone connectivity, we create things like, “Ask a Deolitian”, which means anybody externally can go into our facebook and ask a question about our business, our strategy, what’s the environment like, so our transparency through social media has really improved our communication internally and also our brand and our recruitment opportunities for talent externally.  
Stephanie Zillman: For more on social media in the workplace, click around HC Online.  I am Stephanie Zillman and I will see you again soon on HC TV.