YouTube recruitment gets blessing from on high

by Stephanie Zillman23 Mar 2012

As Spain teeters on the edge of the Euro-zone financial crisis, few organisations in the country are actively recruiting. But for one organisation, the economic malaise may spell opportunity – the Catholic Church is on the hunt for priests.

In a new YouTube priest recruitment drive, the Catholic Church promises steady work for modest pay. “I do not promise you a great salary. I promise you a permanent job,” a voice says in a video posted by the Episcopal Conference, the body which represents Spain’s bishops. In a statement, the Episcopal Conference called the video “an innovative communication bid” aiming to “give rise to priestly vocation”.

Another video poses the question “How many promises have they made to you that have not been fulfilled?” – an apparent reference to the frustrations of Spain's five million unemployed (a quarter of the workforce).

The message ending another video is that while they can’t offer a luxurious life now, “Your wealth will be eternal.” Now that’s one hell of a perk.


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