Working on the toilet: Time in lieu?

by 24 Feb 2012

If you’ve ever been sitting on the loo, and wondered if it is in fact the distinct pitter-patter of texting you can hear coming from the next cubicle, it probably is. A new study has revealed two thirds of workers use their phones whilst on the loo at work.

The suspicions of HR have finally been confirmed – workers wanting to avoid being seen using their phones at work simply take it away from prying eyes, all the way to the toilet in fact.

A survey of 1,000 US employees conducted by marketing firm 11mark found that 74% of men and 76% of women said they use their mobile phone in the bathrooms at work.

Other stats from the survey included: 

  • 63% have answered a phone call
  • 41% have initiated a phone call
  • 67% have read a text
  • 38% have surfed the internet
  • Respondents also reported using social media and also online shopping whilst on the throne!

Notably, male workers reported actually working from the bathroom more than women; 20% say they have participated in work-related calls as against 13% of female workers.


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