Who knew teabags and instant coffee was a ‘perk’?

by HCA18 May 2012

If there’s one sure way to annoy an employee, it has got to be to take away their coffee. But it seems the Queensland state government has thrown caution to the wind and put an end to the frivolity of providing free tea and coffee to staff.

New liberal Premier Campbell Newman has vowed to save $100m in the next six weeks – the first step in winding back the state’s $85bn debt. Since coming to power in a landslide victory in March, the Liberal National party has taken an axe to the travel budgets for government employees, aiming to slash air travel by 20%. There will also be tighter constraints on non-essential advertising.

While some measures, such as air travel and cutting catering at meetings is perhaps an understandable cost-cutting measure, the removal of the office cuppa, as well as indoor plants in some departments, has left many employees outraged.

Yet a spokesperson from the Premier’s office said every minister had been directed to simply spend taxpayers’ money wisely and the government would not be “looking to try and get blood out of a stone”, and did not have a “tea and bikkie police”.

In light of the measures, New South Wales public servants are sure to become the envy of their northern colleagues – tea, coffee, and even milk is available to employees in most departments.


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  • by Kirste 18/05/2012 2:17:28 PM

    We haven't had tea/coffee/sugar/milk for over a year in Corrective Services. It's not so much the coffee we're worried about as our jobs and promotional opportunities. Back to base jobs for most staff who have worked their way up over the years.

  • by Tracy Staines 21/05/2012 8:33:11 AM

    This news is a little out of date. Tea and coffee has not been available at most Government departments for a number of years. This was not a Campbell initiative, but I'm sure some of the other points will make a much bigger impact than this.
    The establishment management program is having more of an impact with putting a number of Queenslanders out of work because they are a temporary staff member. Even when that temporary status has been at a long term basis.

  • by Michael 21/05/2012 10:00:33 AM

    What department has free tea? Lucky you, we've been buying our own tea, coffee and milk for over ten years in my section of NSW DPI. It has it's advantages though, we can choose to upgrade from International Roast!
    BYO tea and coffee for all I say.