Who hates their boss most

by Rose Sneyd31 May 2013

‘You don’t quit your job, you quit your manager’ the saying goes, and a new survey reveals which industries bosses are most likely to be the worst thing about the job.

Professions with the highest percentage of employees who would want to change their boss above anything else (salary in brackets):

     1.    Chemists and material scientists: 19.4% ($69,690)
     2.    Dental hygienists: 18.2% ($83,259)
     3.    Bakers: 17.9% ($32,445)
     4.    Food service managers: 17.0% ($41,574)
     5.    Occupation health and safety specialists and technicians: 15.8% ($75,375)
     6.    Database administrators – tie: 13.6% ($93,756)
            Adminsitrative service managers – tie: 13.6% ($51,936)
     8.    Dispatchers – tie: 13.5% ($44,167)
            Shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks – tie: 13.5% ($36,148)
     10.  Actors, producers, and directors: 13.3% ($61,677)

Bosses in the baking industry and the bosses of food service managers and shipping, receiving and traffic clerks must be really bad: while making significantly less than New Zealand’s median income of $41,912, they still want to change their boss more than their salary.