When ‘employment’ is actually ‘unemployment’: Costly embarrassing typo

by Stephanie Zillman27 Jul 2012

A Bill put forward in Washington this week contained an embarrassing typo, mistaking "employment" for "unemployment”, according to local reports.

The Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act calls for “significant regulatory action” to be taken as soon as unemployment reaches 94% - presumably, the words call for a switcheroo.

Yet it was never going to be the type of mistake that could easily be glossed over.

"The Republicans have made a big typo in their latest message bill to nowhere. Looks like they should stop harping about 'red tape' and start looking for the white out," said Drew Hammill, press secretary for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the Huffington Post reported.

When asked for comment, House Rules Committee spokesman Doug Andres confirmed it was a typo and said the Republicans hoped the Democrats would agree to fix it. “As introduced and reported in the House, the bill correctly references 'unemployment,' not 'employment' -- all we’ve got is a minor clerical error in the committee print and it is our desire to fix it by unanimous consent. We hope the Democrats will cooperate,” Andres said.


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