What if Brad Pitt sent in his resume?

by Elizabeth Barnard17 Aug 2012

Before they became red carpet super-stars, celebrities were hopeful candidates sending out resumes. HC takes a look at the jobs of the world’s biggest stars before they were famous.

Amy Adams – Waitress

Known for her role in movies such as The Fighter and Enchanted, Adams earned money waitressing at Hooters. “I did it because I needed to buy a car,” she told London's Mail on Sunday. She added she left as soon as she saved $900, enough to buy a used car.

George Clooney – Insurance salesman

The actor behind Oscar-winning films like The Descendants and Good Night, And Good Luck found fame after stints selling insurance door-to-door, cutting tobacco and working in a ladies shoe shop.

“I was a horrible insurance salesman. I'll tell you why. The selling part I could do but then they wanted you to always tack on a little something extra. We'd take it from a whole life insurance to term life insurance and put some money away in an annuity for them or in an IRA but maybe you could use a little other insurance as well...And I couldn't because you felt like you were pulling their leg then... But I was good at cutting tobacco. I was fast,” Clooney told Larry King in 2006.

Madonna – Dunkin Donuts

On the path to stardom, the worlds’ most famous vogue-er worked behind the counter of a Dunkin Donuts in New York’s Time’s Square.

Ellen DeGeneres – Oyster shucking and vacuum cleaners

Before becoming the host of her own talk show, DeGeneres did everything from painting houses and selling vacuum cleaners to shucking oysters. She also worked at a glove factory but hated it so much she quit on the same day.

Whoopie Goldberg – mortuary beautician and phone sex operator

The comedian, talk-show host, and actress took a job as a mortuary beautician after graduating from beauty school. During a segment of The View, Goldberg said how her former boss had played a welcoming prank on her by pretending to be dead and sitting upright in the coffin. “That's the worst thing that could ever happen to you here, and it won't," he told her. "So there's nothing to be scared of." Also on the talk-show program, Goldberg mentioned briefly working as a phone sex operator. "When I was younger, the money was great," she said. "See now, people would know my voice."

Brad Pitt – Fast food chicken mascot

Before he became one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars, Pitt worked at fast-food outlet El Pollo Loco as its mascot, handing out flyers and attracting customers to the restaurant, dressed in a chicken suit.