'Top Girls' theatre tickets winner announced!

by 14 Sep 2012

Human Capital is pleased to announce the winner of last week's competition to win two tickets to a production of Top Girls, the Melbourne Theatre Company's  poduction of ground-breaking playwright Caryl Churchill’s daring response to the rise of Margaret Thatcher.

The winner is Ana DaSilva, who provided one of our earliest entries:  

"Gail Kelly inspires me. She makes trades offs rather than gives up. She admits having a good man behind her so she can have it all!"

Top Girls and its subject of female power is as pertinent today as it was in the 1980s. One of the 20th  century’s classic plays, Top Girls finds a perfect match in the uniquely talented Jenny Kemp, who directs an all-female cast including Anita Hegh and Nikki Shiels.

Marlene has been promoted as head of the male-dominated Top Girls Employment Agency. Beating men at their own game, Marlene has come out on top by avoiding marriage, children and the emotional balancing act that working women normally face. And if she’s had to make sacrifices along the way, it’s all been worth it. Hasn’t it? Can a woman’s climb up the corporate ladder go hand in hand with domestic bliss? What does it mean to be a successful woman?

In the play’s extraordinary opening scene, Marlene pops the champagne to celebrate her promotion with a host of iconic historical women: Isabella – an ageing English traveller; Lady Nijo – a Japanese Emperor’s courtesan; Dull Gret – the subject of a Pieter Breughel painting that depicts a woman in an apron and armour; Pope Joan – a female pope disguised as a man; and Patient Griselda – the obedient and tortured wife in The Clerk’s Tale of The Canterbury Tales.