The ultimate professional nightmare: Waiter tips beer on German leader

by Stephanie Zillman02 Mar 2012

A rookie German waiter endured the ultimate professional nightmare when he accidentally tipped a full tray of beer over Chancellor Angela Merkel this week.

A videographer captured the moment when the 21 year old was pushed from behind and poured the laden tray down the most powerful woman in the world’s neck and back. Showing the utmost good grace, the Chancellor quickly dismissed the incident, gave a reassuring smile to the lad, and the table of leaders soon chinked their glasses with a resounding prost!

The red-faced waiter told Bild that he was still reliving the incident in slow motion and that, adding insult to injury, he had also let out a “scheiße!” following the spill.

One is left to ponder how our own red-haired leader would react to a similar incident – let’s just hope K-Rudd isn’t the one holding the drinks tray.

-Stephanie Zillman