Stand out candidate: Geraldo Wolverine or Batman

by HCA26 Oct 2012

While a resume for James Bond or Batman might stand out, it probably wouldn’t get shortlisted – but would you vote for them?

According to a New York Times report its commonplace for Brazilian political wannabes to try and out-do each other on unusual names for the ballot. The country’s loose restrictions on what candidates can call themselves has led to an interesting array of names honouring the living, dead and fictional.

Some of the most common include Batman and Obama, with others hoping famous US presidents will improve their chances, hence Jimmi Carter Santarém Barroso and John Kennedy Abreu Sousa running in different provinces.

“It’s a marketing strategy, a political program, because if I said Geraldo Custódio, no one was going to recognize me,” said Geraldo Custódio, 38, a teacher of driver’s education who is running for city council with the name Geraldo Wolverine in Piracicaba, an industrial city in São Paulo State.

Other notable names:

Daniel the Cuckold
Elvis Didn’t Die
Ladi Gaga
Christ of Jerusalem
National Institute of Social Security’s Defender of the People
Palhaço Zig Zag (Zig Zag Clown)