Spice up your company awards presentations

by Stephanie Zillman23 Nov 2012

If your company presentations have descended into a fairly predictable, heck vaguely solemn affair, maybe it's time to spice thing up.

While 'Most Improved', 'Best New Talent' and 'Employee of the Quarter' are the standard offerings, why can't the laziest, most argumentative, and passive-aggressive be equally recongised? Without their colourful personalities in the office, who would there be to gossip about and performance manage?

US comedian Larry Weaver is big on the stand-up circuit, and for someone who doesn't have an office job, he certainly has got his finger on the pulse when it comes to the usual suspects dwelling in offices everywhere. Still scarred from his days as an office drone, Weaver took inspiration from his former 'David Brent like' boss who handed out inappropriate awards, minus the irony.

HC takes a look at some of the best from Weaver's collection of employee awards that he would like to see handed out more regularly to colleagues, employees, volunteers – maybe even that miffed looking courier driver.


  • The Selective Hearing Award – For only hearing what your want to hear
  • Foot-in-Mouth Award – For always saying the wrong things at the wrong time
  • Bermuda Triangle Award – For the desk where things go in but never come out
  • The Loch Ness Award – For the least likely to be found
  • The Baryshnikov Award – For the best at dancing around the issue
  • Running with the Bulls Award – For the biggest risk taker
  • Big Kahuna Award – For the most time surfing the internet
  • Baby's Bottom Award – For the smoothest in times of crisis