Sorry, your star sign makes you ineligible for the job

by 06 Jan 2011

A Chinese firm has decided that people who are Scorpios and Virgos are “too moody and critical”, telling job seekers with those star signs that they need not apply. On the other hand, Capricorns, Pisces and Libras, will be given priority.

These bizarre and controversial requirements are part of a job ad posted at a university in Wuhan, central China, by an English language training firm. Since uncovered, they have been the topic of much debate and criticism online.

According to the Chutian Metropolis Daily, a local newspaper in Wuhan, the woman in charge of the firm said that she has done prior research on star signs and had found that Scorpios have strong personalities and moody, while Virgos are hugely critical and tend to job-hop.

"I hired people with those two star signs before, and they either liked quarrelling with colleagues or they could not do the job for long," the company HR manager was quoted as saying.

The report also mentioned similar incidents of discrimination in the city. A student called Qi Qin, whose star sign is Cancer, applied for a job in a wedding company a few months ago, but was fired because "Aquarius and Scorpios are more suited to the job".

"Qi Qin pointed out that her star sign was not something she could decide," the local report said.

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