Send your employees home at 1pm today

by 25 May 2012

When it comes to creating workplaces with maximum productivity and high engagement, management has their work cut for them – but some organisations claim they’ve uncovered the secret to this coveted HR equation: the Friday arvo wind-down.

It seems one brand that’s well-known for its breakfast cereals offers perks well beyond a free bowl of cornflakes. Office-based workers at Kellogg’s Australian sites enjoy a 4½ day working week, and head home at 1pm every Friday. “They get home to their families and get their shopping done. It is part of our culture,” HR director Michelle Bakar said.

Bakar told the Australian Financial Review that while overseas offices only have half-day Fridays during summer, a few years ago workers voted to compress their working week into 4½ days year round.

Three easy Friday perks to bring to your organisation

Whenever the subject of employee perks is raised, finance controllers will invariably whinge about the costs even before a discussion has started! But Friday perks needn’t be a costly exercise. Here are some benefits and perks that cost very little but may work for you and your team:

  1. Casual dress

Inviting employees to dress casually on Fridays has two major benefits. Firstly, employees who are heading out socially after work appreciate the option to come to work dressed casually. Secondly, it doesn’t cost the employer a cent, and can be an easy way to drum up engagement.

  1. Free lunch

Providing a wholesome, fresh lunch for all employees (such as fruit, yogurt, pasta, rice, vegetables etc) on Fridays, may be one way for teams to wind-down together and casually discuss how the week has been.

  1. Friday arvo drinks

Putting on drinks and snacks at your workplace is an easy week-to-week recognition strategy to bring teams together, and foster ties between colleagues who otherwise may not have the opportunity to chat and collaborate.


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