Sealed with a kiss

by Miriam Bell13 Jul 2012

Many people sign off their emails and text messages with an x, for a kiss – but, according to media reports from the UK, the habit is actually making the colleagues of the x-inclined uncomfortable.

In a survey conducted by mobile network Three for International Kissing Day last week, some 44% of people said they found receiving virtual kisses from co-workers awkward.

A further one in four people said they felt obliged to return the sign of affection – even if they did not really feel inclined to do so.

And 15% of people confessed to sending at least one x to their boss, with 1% sending a somewhat excessive eight or more x's.

However, etiquette expert William Hanson told the Daily Mail that “you should only put a kiss [on a message to a co-worker] if you would kiss them in real life”.


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  • by Rach 13/07/2012 3:47:13 PM

    Haven't come across 'X' too often, but I thought that LOL was Lots of Love, not Laugh out Loud (how embarrassing!)! I always thought it strange / uncomfortable when people would sign off that way (particularly a subordinate male colleague who obviously loved laughing), and thought (being a gen X) that I just wasn't up with the way that Gen Y's work!...solution is to now just ask my lovely Gen Y assistant to interpret strange acronyms.

  • by Ben 16/07/2012 12:18:50 PM