Next time get a doctor’s note

by 16 Dec 2011

A US man has taken telling a white lie for a sickie several steps too far.

Scott Bennett, from Brookville, Pennsylvania went to extraordinary lengths to get a paid day off work, and placed a death notice in the local paper for his mother – who was in fact alive and well.

Bennett now faces criminal charges of disorderly conduct after he placed the fake notice in the Jeffersonian Democrat newspaper.

The 45-year-old allegedly wrote the submission in an effort to get paid bereavement leave and explain time why he would need additional time off work, local media reported.

Bennett’s plan came undone however, when concerned relatives called his mother, and promptly rang the newspaperto alert them of the ‘mistake’, before his mother actually went into the newspaper’s office to providing living ‘proof’.

The newspaper’s editor, Randy Bartley, said he ran the notice “in good faith” despite being unable to verify funeral details as is normal practice.

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