Job hunter sends strange pic, not resume

by Caitlin Nobes13 Jul 2012

When York psychology student Vanessa Hojda saw a receptionist job advertised online, she quickly amended her resume, wrote a cover letter and sent them both. Seconds later when she looked at the email she discovered instead of her resume she had attached a picture of actor Nicolas Cage.

Both files had numbered names, rather than descriptive ones and were saved to her desktop, she explained. “The first thing I thought was let’s post it on my blog, let’s laugh about it,” she said.

From there it snowballed with stories in the Washington Post, New York Times and Toronto Star – and job offers including a paid gig managing social media for a radio station.

No job offer was forthcoming from the original email’s recipient – just a note saying they had filled the position and had never received Hojda’s resume, just a strange photograph.

Like the most diligent employees, Hojda said she will only make this mistake once – she’s renamed her resume ThisIsYourResumeThisIsNotAPictureOfNicolasCage.doc.


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