I’ve been the Head Cheese for 6 years...

by 10 Feb 2012

Do you hand out business cards that say an actual job title? How very 20th century of you! Today’s movers and shakers prefer to give their employees the freedom to choose their own imaginative titles.

One of the biggest printers of business cards in the US, moo.com, said young and trendy companies are moving away from traditional “name-rank-and-serial-number” cards that fit the typical HR matrix. Instead of ‘Managing Director’, for example, the card might declare the beholder Head Cheese. How about Sales Ninja for a leading sales rep, or Web Kahuna for your SEO guru?

According to moo.com, firms and employees increasingly want to stand out from the pack and believe these new titles are fun and shake up traditional expectations of a business card.

‘Senior executive’ may make up the bulk of your corporate flow chart, but business card specialists are seeing a rise in gurus, masters and even captains. “IT support officer” has far less swagger than “Problem Wrangler”, and “digital dynamo” has a certain somethin’ that “digital adviser” doesn’t.

Paul Lewis from moo.com said titles such as executive or manager don't stand out to many people and don't have much meaning. “Why not stand out a bit by giving yourself a job title that sums you up as a person rather than limits you to just one aspect of what you do?” he asks.

According to the business card gurus, here are some suggestions if you're hoping to jazz up your employees’ titles.

1. Sales Ninja
2. New Media Guru
3. Word Herder
4. Linux Geek
5. Social Media Trailblazer
6. Corporate Magician
7. Master Handshaker
8. Communications Ambassador
9. Happiness Advocate
10. Copy Cruncher
11. Transportation Captain
12. Web Kahuna
13. Marketing Rockstar
14. Problem Wrangler
15. Superstar DJ
16. Digital Dynamo
17. Designer Extraordinaire
18. Head Cheese
19. Plumber Hero
20. Movie Magic Maker


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