I thought I was the boss?

by 09 Mar 2012

Employees at a fast-food franchise in the US didn’t know quite what to do when a man wearing a tie and carrying a briefcase waltzed in claiming to be their new boss.

But suspicions were raised rather quickly after his first duty of the day was to cook himself a burger and fries. Confused and bewildered, the real manager—who was at the restaurant—called the corporate offices immediately to verify that she was in fact still in charge (and employed).

According to reports, the fraudster wasn’t immediately ejected because he looked the part and was very convincing. But it didn’t take long to determine that the imposter was in fact a junkie who had wondered in off the street.

The real manager demanded that the imposter pay his tab and leave but when the man stuck to his story and refused to pay his tab, she called the police who soon arrived and arrested the man. The fraudster faces a slew of charges: in addition to posing as a manager and not paying his bill, one of his props—his suitcase—allegedly contained crack pipes, and he was carrying a stun gun on his hip.


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