HR’s dream employee

by Stephanie Zillman08 Jun 2012

This may just be Australia’s most promising employee. Creative, risk-taker, brave, selfless – traits all employers would like to see in an employee...just a pity he’s only 9!

Firefighters and an amused ABC reporter were treated to the helping hand of local boy Tye Crawford, who spied a raging fire from his bedroom window in Melbourne’s Flemington. He donned his firefighter’s helmet and ran down to lend a hand.

Wheeling a trolley to the scene, with three fire extinguishers in tow, Tye told the reporter he thought he’d check if the fire guys needed some help. “[But] they didn't need much help,” he added.

The young firefighting enthusiast added that he wore his helmet “just in case something fell on me”, and mentioned that he wants to join the ranks of firefighters when he grows up.  “I'd love to be a fireman when I'm older because they help people,” he said.

The fire, which destroyed the Old Racecourse Hotel, took an hour to be brought under control – little Tye stayed on the scene though, just in case.

Watch the video here.

Picture: ABC

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