HR pros among heaviest users of coffee

by HCA07 Sep 2012

HR pros are among the top 15 heaviest coffee drinking professions, according to a survey recently reported on by social media news website Mashable.

The Dunkin’ Donuts survey, which looked at the coffee drinking habits of 4,700 workers’, found that scientists/lab technicians needed coffee the most at work. They were followed by marketing/PR professionals and education administrators.

Hotel workers, attorneys and judges were most likely to take their coffee black. HR pros and personal caretakers were most likely to have it with cream and sugar, while editors/writers, government professionals and teachers were most likely to add flavor to their coffee.

According to Mashable, while the survey was conducted last year, it was a great illustration of what a big part coffee played in high-pressure, long-hour jobs.  

Top 15 heaviest coffee drinkers:

  1. Scientist/lab technician
  2. Marketing/PR professional
  3. Education administrator
  4. Editor/writer
  5. Healthcare administrator
  6. Physician
  7. Food preparer
  8. Professor
  9. Social workers
  10. Financial professional
  11. Personal caretaker
  12. HR benefits co-ordinator
  13. Nurse
  14. Government professional
  15. Skilled tradesperson

Workplace coffee consumption trends:

  • 46% of all US workers claimed they were less productive without coffee.
  • 61% of the workers who said they needed coffee to get through their day drank 2 or more cups per day.
  • Editors/writers, government professionals, teachers were most likely to add flavour to their coffee.
  • PR professionals & personal caretakers were most likely to enjoy their coffee with cream and sugar.
  • Judges, attorneys and hotel workers were most likely to take their coffee black.


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