HR manager busted for jury duty scam

by 17 Feb 2012

It’s usually HR’s job to bust employees for their scams to get out of work – but this time it was a HR manager who turned crooked.

Staten Island HR manager Rebecca Thybulle was nabbed by her boss after forging her name on her father’s jury notice, and passing it off as her own to avoid eight days of work.

Her employer found evidence of the forgery and reported her to police. Not only was there a paper trail, but a virtual one as well – comments on her Facebook page indicated she had jetted off on a holiday to Baltimore.

Thybulle later tried to justify her cut-and-paste job of forging the official jury-duty summons by allegedly saying, "I needed to take some personal time off. My boss would not allow me to without a good excuse, and even then would badger you about it."

The HR manager was charged with two counts of forgery, each carrying a maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment.


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