How many cartons does it take to get a job?

by Human Capital29 Jun 2012

It’s certainly not the typical ‘job wanted’ ad, but then again, those in need are often moved to take extreme measures.

A Queensland Dad is offering a year's supply of beer to anyone who will employ his 19-year-old son as an electrical apprentice. 50 cartons of the honey-coloured brew to be precise.

The ad reads:

“Free beer - one year’s supply. Fifty cartons in exchange for electrical apprenticeship for my 19-year-old son. Local, hardworking, reliable, desperate, not a quitter.” The contact details are included before adding, “Legitimate offer, no BS.”

The ad was placed by Paul McVeigh, a desperate Mackay dad who told ABC local radio his son had papered the town with resumes but had not received any responses. He said he didn’t think the idea to offer beer was a big deal. “I just came come up with the idea and thought it was a bit of a laugh and see what would happen and it's only a couple of grands worth of beer. I think it's a worthy investment in your son's future,” McVeigh said.

His son, Nick McVeigh, had been living in Denmark with his mother until earlier this year when he moved out to Australia in pursuit of better employment prospects. “We've been around and we haven't found anything so far. I've showed up at stores in person and still nothing. Sent out resumes to more than 100 places at least, all over Queensland,” Nick said.

Yet despite widespread interest in the ad, the McVeighs have yet to receive any bites.

As to the brand of beer on offer, one can assume it is XXXX.


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  • by tired. 29/06/2012 3:39:47 PM

    This young man did in fact get loads of job offers. A follow-up story in the local paper was published a yesterday.

  • by Chanel 29/06/2012 4:32:08 PM

    I don't know the in's ad out's of this story but perhaps he wasn't a Permanent Resident/Citizen? If this was the case then he would not have been able to have been signed up to an Apprenticeship?

  • by JL 16/07/2012 7:08:08 PM

    I thought there was a massive skills shortage in Queensland - especially in the trades sector?!