Hopeful candidate gets tasered

by 11 Nov 2011

A man who was unsuccessful for a job at an electronics retailer thought he’d make the most of the experience, putting an Xbox down his trousers on the way out.

In the US state of Pennsylvania last week, Timothy Joseph Mandes was charged with retail theft, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after being caught red-handed.

Store manager Jake Gruver told local police the man had come into the store for a job interview, and was told at the end of the discussion that he was unsuccessful.

When Mandes left the building, another employee saw him loitering near the game consoles and later found an empty box.

The theft was tracked to the candidate after reviewing surveillance footage. Defiant to the end, police said they were forced to tase the man after he tried to escape arrest.

.… HC suggests notifying unsuccessful candidates after they’ve left your premises.


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