‘Highly adept at multi-tasting’: Top 10 resume blunders

by 21 Oct 2011
It takes all sorts in life, and HR and hiring managers have the unique perspective of seeing first-hand just how many sorts there really are.
In a recent survey of 450 CVs collected by UK based recruitment and career consultancy firm, Personal Career Management, it was discovered that a shocking 94% of resumes contained at least one error of presentation, spelling or grammar, and in many cases several.
The survey results also revealed that poorly assembled resumes were just as common amongst higher level candidates as junior applicants.
Corinne Mills, managing director Personal Career Management, said while many of the candidates who submit erroneous CVs would be perfectly capable of doing the job, a poor CV means they will not get the opportunity to prove it.
“Why would anyone want to employ a lawyer or a secretary who makes spelling mistakes or errors? If they can't pay attention to their own CV, why would you trust them to work on any of your documents?” Mills said.
Just 6% of resumes reviewed in the survey were error-free, well-presented with well written and appropriate content.

The top 10 howlers, as discovered by HC:

1. ‘I was responsible for dissatisfied customers’

2. ‘I am a prooficient typist’

3. ‘I was responsible for fraudulent claims’

4. ‘While working in this role, I had positive intercourse with a variety of people’

5. ‘Experienced sheet mental worker’

6. ‘Highly adept at multi-tasting’ 

7. ‘I am a pubic relations officer’

8. ‘Left last four jobs only because the managers were completely unreasonable’ 

9. ‘Expert in internet surfing, expertise in MS paint, MS notepad and full knowledge of windows control panel. Can work on docs and ppt flies.’

10. ‘I have knowledge of using a Lexmark Printer that has a Scan/Copier inside click on the file menu and print. Scan Documents by clicking scan.’


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