Here’s a late slip from my bus driver

by 04 May 2012

If the most powerful union in Adelaide gets its way, bus drivers will be allowed to offer passengers a ‘late slip’ to give their bosses as proof their bus was late.

The Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees' Association secretary Peter Malinauskas has called on the union to intervene on behalf of what it says is a “disproportionate” number of its members complaining that they’ve been formally reprimanded by their employer for showing up late – and they claim that late running buses are too blame.

Malinauskas met last week with Transport Services Minister Chloe Fox to pitch his idea of allowing drivers to issue ‘late slips’. He proposed that drivers should be given a stack of pre-printed slips to issue to passengers who asked for one. “If an employee does not get to work on time because a bus is five minutes late, then the worker should catch an earlier bus, so we're being sensible about this and we're not blaming the buses across the board,” Malinauskas said. However, he added that if a bus is running late by more than 15 minutes it would be useful for both employees and employers if the worker could demonstrate the legitimacy of their circumstance.

Last month Minster Fox announced she would be issuing fines to three Adelaide bus companies due to missed or “excessively” late services.

Fox said she would consider the union’s idea, but added the government is looking at timetable changes and has already asked bus contractors to find solutions to their worst-performing routes.


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