HC spends 5 minutes with Trina Palazzolo

by 17 Feb 2012

Trina Palazzolo
HR Generalist
Sole Trader – Trina Palazzolo Business Services

Main business
HR, training and business support

Years in HR
18 years

First job in HR
Qantas (!)

The most outrageous (and best) company perks you’ve experienced
A sea plane flight with 2 other colleagues and lunch at a beautiful restaurant by the water, conferences at Terrigal Crowne Plaza, dinner at Tsetsuyas Restaurant, travelling Australia, concerts interstate, a weekend at the Hunter with a spa treatment, abseiling, low and high ropes course (scary, but unbelievable).

Your best candidate interview story
Just recently I interviewed a candidate and later called them to ask permission to contact their referees. They could not remember doing the interview, the company position or my name! I spent almost 10 minutes trying to get the person to recall the interview. I am still confused to this day how that can happen.

Your most embarrassing HR faux pas
Spelling HACCP incorrectly

The best thing about working in HR
The satisfaction of assisting people to reach their goals.

The worst
Terminating employees

Does HR have a place at the boardroom table
Most definitely. It has been a long time coming and really HR should be at the boardroom table without question, then outcomes would be met in a more realistic and focused way.

What are the biggest challenges facing HR
Talent retention and keeping employees engaged through other strategies other than remuneration. One of the challenges is to manage the struggle between supporting staff while ensuring the wants and needs of the company are met.

Haich R or Aich R?
A little bit of both!


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