HC spends 5 minutes with Nadine Coronel

by 22 Dec 2011

Nadine Coronel – Senior HR Generalist

Organisation: Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific
Main business: Vacation Ownership / Hospitality
Number of employees: 1200+
Years in HR: 13

Tell us…

The worst job you ever had:
I had a job as a kitchen hand - I loved the food preparation part of it, I got to work with the chefs and help them with simple things like garnishes and salads, but of course, there was also washing up.  I’ve never been a fan of washing up, just ask my Mum!

Your first job in HR:
My first HR generalist position was as the Human Resources Manager at the hotel (now branded) Holiday Inn Brisbane

The most outrageous (and best) company perks you’ve experienced:
Business class flights are undeniably one of the perks that never failed to make me feel special! There’s something about a glass of champagne before you take off and real crockery and cutlery on a flight that makes you feel like all the hard work you’ve put in has paid off.

Weirdest thing that ever happened to you at work:
I was on call as the ‘Manager on Duty’ at the resort where I worked in Broome, WA one night and reception called me on the 2-way radio to tell me that I had a ‘situation’.  There was a (baby) crocodile in the hotel pond that needed to be ‘relocated from the guest area’.

Your most embarrassing HR faux pas:
I never miss an opportunity when I am an elevator alone to let out a few frustrations. One day, I had my back to the elevator door, looking in the mirror at myself and pulling silly faces while pretending to yell, “What were you thinking…?”. Of course, the elevator door opened and a staff member walked in, looked at me as though I was completely crazy, raised her eyebrows at me then looked at the floor for the rest of the trip! 

What inspires you: Knowledge. 

Spotlight on HR..

The best thing about working in HR:
Being able to teach people simple lessons about leadership that result in big changes for them. 

The worst:
Redundancy. It never gets easier.  

Does HR have a place at the boardroom table?
Absolutely.  Even better would be that every executive on the board is an advocate for HR and the people agenda is an intrinsic part of decision making, with our without an HR person in the room! 

What are the biggest challenges facing HR?
Adapting what we do in HR to be more flexible and user friendly to suit the tightening economy. Ten page performance reviews and four hour training courses just aren’t realistic demands for HR to insist on.  Our challenge is to retain the integrity of the Talent Management model and systems within that with quicker and more flexible systems.

Haich R or Aich R?
Haich R.


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