HC spends 5 minutes with Damien Sloane

by 10 Feb 2012

Damien Sloane
Calvary Silver Circle
Community Services

Number of employees

Years in HR

The worst job you’ve ever had
Having to go to the Long Bay Gaol Remand Centre to get a resignation from an employee charged with a criminal offence

The most outrageous (and best) company perks you’ve experienced
Fresh cooked scones with jam and cream every morning for morning tea served up in the dining room by the kitchen staff

Weirdest thing that ever happened to you at work
Being offered sex to secure a specific promotion outcome

Your most embarrassing HR faux pas
Getting halfway through an interview before realising the candidate wasn’t who I thought they were

What inspires you
All the great people I have had the opportunity to work with

The worst
Seeing the same people turn up to performance management meetings and still deny they have any clue why they’re there

Does HR have a place at the boardroom table
It is imperative

The biggest challenges facing HR
The ageing workforce and skills shortage

Haich R or Aich R?


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