HC spends 5 minutes with Crilly-Hargrave

by 16 Dec 2011

Nic Crilly-Hargrave – HR Advisor

Organisation: Myer
Main business: National Office Support
Number of employees: 1,000
Years in HR: 9

Tell us…

Your first job in HR:
HR Assistant for Niketown, London

The most outrageous (and best) company perks you’ve experienced:
Meeting Michael Jordan, Wayne Rooney and the sample sales for Jimmy Choo.

Your best candidate interview story:
A candidate came for an interview at a building with very large ‘locked’ floors. They never turned up at the correct floor but we did have notice that they entered the building.  Neither the recruitment agency or us have ever been able to get back in contact with them…

Weirdest thing that ever happened to you at work:
For a HR offsite – we were asked to prepare a photo/picture collage of how we became the person we are today. That evening at dinner the HR director openly stated how disappointed he was that we had not ‘gone deep’ enough – even though many were reduced to tears during their presentation.

What inspires you:
Working with a manager that inspires me to take on things I would not thought I would be able to do.

Something people don’t know about me:
I am a Food and Drink Blogger: http://sharkingforchipsanddrinks.wordpress.com/ Twitter: @shark4chipdrink

Spotlight on HR...

The best thing about working in HR:
Being a massive sticky beak – I like knowing what is going on at all of the time.

The worst:
Incessant ‘can we have a catch up’ emails and knowing that there will inevitably be a major issue coming out the other side.

Does HR have a place at the boardroom table:
Of course – a company can’t run at full capacity when we are not involved in the process from the beginning.

What are the biggest challenges facing HR?
Gen Y entering to workplace and expecting social media to be available at their fingertips during the working day, flexible working hours and working from home arrangements to be in play. There is a huge learning curve for businesses to change to what the next generation expect


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