HC spends 5 minutes with Annette Sibley

by 09 Mar 2012

Annette Sibley
HR manager
Eagle Boys Pizza

Main business
Quick-service retail

Number of employees
75 in the support office

Years in HR
10 years

The worst job you ever had
I worked at a wedding reception lounge when I was in grade 12.  The worst part was clearing the tables - I was the person who had to lug a ridiculously heavy tray of plates and cutlery back to the kitchen

Your first job in HR
HR assistant with a major retail department store

Your best candidate interview story
Offering someone an entry level administration role and seeing them create a successful career in IT through their wonderful work ethic and ability

Your worst HR faux pas
Getting candidate names mixed up when doing back-to-back interviews over a couple of days.  Definitely not a good image!

What inspires you
Being the best I can be and seeing others aspiring to be the best they can be too

The best thing about working in HR
Seeing how a web of people can create amazing results, and quietly knowing HR has played a role in it

The worst
Being labeled the “Fun Police”

Does HR have a place at the boardroom table
Yes it does.  For this to happen I believe senior HR players need to think about becoming well rounded business people as opposed to just being HR experts

What are the biggest challenges facing HR?
For me, the biggest challenge is facilitating an organisational environment that genuinely wants to see people thrive.  This requires a strong focus on leadership capability and organisational culture which then fosters the desired behaviours from individuals

Haich R or Aich R? 
Had to think about this one… I say Aich R


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