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by 27 Jan 2012

Jacquelyne France
HR coordinator
SeaLink QLD

Main business
Ferry services to and from Magnetic Island and Palm Island

Number of employees

The worst job you ever had
Packing fruit and vegies in a cold, dark warehouse during university.

Your best candidate interview story
I had someone describe to me their life story in 15 minutes including how many cats they owned (which was an extraordinary number).

Weirdest thing that ever happened to you at work
A customer was trying to charge their mobile phone in one of our sockets in reception and when I kindly asked them to remove their phone they barked at me that I had no moral compass.

What inspires you
Hard work, tenacity and going against all odds.

The best thing about working in HR
Working with a variety of different people and personalities.

The worst
When those personalities clash.

What are the biggest challenges facing HR?
The shift in views on employment and work/life balance, and keeping up with the social changes that affect the organisation.

Haich R or Aich R?
Haich R


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