Employee happiness? There's an app for that

by HCA04 Jan 2013

A new app for Apple and Android claims to help employees learn what will make them happier at work, and how to make it happen.

The app aims to accomplish this by asking the employee 22 targeted questions, such as “How much do you value Job Related Training at your workplace?” It takes ten minutes to complete and, at the end, some interesting statistics are revealed. These include, how happy the employee is at work (and how he or she compares with others), how engaged he or she is, and his or her flight risk over a one and two year period.

It also provides a breakdown of the things that the employer does well and not so well, providing practical and ‘proven’ advice regarding what can be done to improve the employment situation.

The app took around four months to develop, but was based on more than ten years of research that involved hundreds of employers and thousands of candidates.

And it’s not only your own employees that will benefit from the app. The website states that a proportion of the proceeds generated from sales of the app will go to ‘life saving’ charities.


  • by Catherine Jewell, The Career Passion Coach 5/01/2013 2:53:32 AM

    What a great idea! I find that job seekers have often "floated" through their careers, never really appreciating the good in each job. When I ask them, what did you LOVE about your work, they have few answers. No job is perfect. It's important to smell the roses and discover what you appreciate about the job you have. Then, you know what to look for in your next position.