Ditch the to-do lists

by Stephanie Zillman08 Jun 2012

New survey results have shed light on whether Mum was right in her advice – that when you’ve got a lot to do, one should write a list.

Yet the responses from Aussie professionals paint a fairly dire picture for the future of list-making. A paltry 8% of lists are ever completed.

The likelihood of completing your daily to-do list varies by industry, and women are more likely to keep ‘to-do’ lists than men, a survey from LinkedIn survey also revealed.

Key findings:

  • Just 8% complete their ‘to-do’ list every day
  • Legal professionals are the least likely to have checked everything off their to-do list by close of business
  • Those working in agriculture claim to be the most productive: 83% stated they regularly fulfill most or all of their planned tasks
  • 56% of respondents noted that they write out their to-do lists by hand and 40% make their to-do lists on electronic devices
  • 71% of women say they frequently keep to-do lists
  • Only 60% of men say they frequently keep to-do lists

“I think we all have good intentions. We start to make progress with our mounting priorities but no matter what industry you’re in, you can’t avoid surprise phone calls, meetings or other unplanned tasks.  These get between you and your to-do list; however, you can amplify efficiency throughout your day to get it all done,” Sally-Anne Blanshard, career coach at Nourish Coaching said.


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