Creepiest HR app: Employee life expectancy

by Caitlin Nobes22 Jun 2012

Just when we thought we’d heard it all – a new app has been released which calculates the life expectancy of employees.

Towers Watson U.K has just released an app that calculates life expectancy called TW LifeTime. The app, currently only available in the UK, draws on the company’s research into mortality rates to calculate life expectancy based on age and gender statistics in the UK.

On a less morbid note, the app also details factors that influence life expectancy – such as diet, income and smoking – by postcode, which may have value when planning wellness programs.
Vassoc Vassou, consultant at Towers Watson, said giving employees an idea of their life expectancy might can also help them plan for retirement. “This is an important message for employees in those (defined benefit) schemes about true value so there is greater understanding when changes to it need to be made.”

The app allows users to share life expectancy information via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and, through location services, can enable users to see how life expectancies vary across areas they pass through.

The app cannot measure the rate at which an employee would leave a company upon finding out their life expectancy had been factored into headcount predictions…


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