Couriers told to cut the flirty-flirty

by HCA02 Mar 2012

Brisbane’s bike couriers have been told by a major law firm to drop off the package and get out – it seems the lycra-clad Don Juans are spending too much time chatting up busy receptionists.

One of Queensland’s largest and most prestigious law firms, in an effort designed to maximise work efficiency, issued a notice to couriers that they are now to deliver packages directly to the mailroom and not to the front desk.

Yet the tight-shorted courier clique isn’t necessarily willing to give up its daily interaction with the city’s finest, and said the conversations were only brief pleasantries exchanged as the receptionists fluttered their eyelashes at the packages before them.

A courier company spokesperson told QConfidential: “A legal firm called my company to complain about how much time we spend talking to reception [but] the whole thing is hilarious and we all thought it was a wonderful stroke of irony as they have a company policy of allowing inter-office relations.”