Ballot in Argentine town to see who gets paid

by HCA27 Jul 2012

Due to insufficient budgetary funds, a small cash-strapped town in Argentina has resorted to conducting a raffle to decide who will receive their pay check first.

“We will draw lots to decide the [order] of payment,” said mayor Gustavo Pueyo in a broadcast from Argentinean radio station Radio Mitre.

In a report by AFP, the ballot was approved by national mayoral authorities, with just 23 of the town’s 92 employees set to receive their pay.

The mayor blamed a drop in funding usually received from the provincial government for this unusual situation. A second ballot is slated for the coming Monday.

The town is home to 5,000 inhabitants, and Bialet Masse is a tourist destination in Cordoba Province, 750 kilometres northwest of Buenos Aires.

Several Argentine provinces have faced economic difficulties due to the nation's slowed economic growth, but this is the first time a wage-raffle has been reported.

Unfortunately wage raffles may not be isolated to this one incident – analysts expect Argentina's GDP in 2012 to grow by less than half that compared to each year of the previous decade.


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