Authentic sick leave? You’re dreamin’

by 24 Feb 2012

The hassle of getting that pesky medical certificate to legitimise a day on the couch just got a whole lot easier for employees – why make a trip to the doctor’s office and feign a cough when you can get one mailed straight to your door?

Indeed, getting out of work has never been easier with the Doctors Note Store website providing employees with the opportunity to buy fake sick note replicas to explain their absences. Run by Aussie ex-pats in London, the so-called ‘novelty sick notes’ take 4-5 working days to arrive.

Available only to residents of Australia and the UK, these notes appear to be as authentic as any real doctor’s certificate, written on official doctor’s notepaper, with a real stamp. Notably, Doctors Note Store claims no responsibility for the misuse of their products, stating in their disclaimer they are for educational/entertainment purposes only.

Perhaps the recent firing of a bank customer service officer could have been avoided if only she had the sense to buy a novelty sick note, rather than forge her own like a fake-sickie amateur.

Last week Fair Work Australia found the former bank employee had a “complete lack of regard for the truth” after being found out for presenting a document to explain her week long absence from work in September 2011 – the document she presented did not include the doctor’s provider number and a subsequent phone call confirmed she had not visited the doctor’s surgery since 2009.

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