Austerity measures see Tooth Fairy issue a pay cut

by 24 Feb 2012

It seems that even payroll in the offices of imaginary creatures are tightening their belts.

A poll conducted by the non-profit Delta Dental Plans Association revealed that on average, children are now receiving just $2.10 under their pillows the morning after leaving a tooth, down 42 cents from the $2.52 they received per tooth in 2010.

“It appears that the Tooth Fairy may be instituting some austerity measures,” Chris Pyle from Delta Dental told The Daily. A 16% pay cut is indeed noteworthy.

Additionally, one wonders if Santa will follow suit with the rest of the manufacturing sector by tightening his belt and issuing redundancy notices. A more pressing concern, however, is if the elves eventually realise they’ve been working for free – St Nick may go into administration if Fair Work issues a back pay order spanning some three centuries.



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