Apple hacker given the boot by HR

by HCA26 Oct 2012

What did the world’s most well-known tech company do when a teen hacked their iPhone operating system? They hired him.

Nicholas Allegra, 20, was hired by Apple last year when he was 19 after repeatedly being able to ‘jailbreak’ the iPhone.

Allegra was behind the popular JailbreakMe site, which allowed users to easily remove the Apple- imposed restrictions on iPhones and iPads. Once an Apple device is ‘jailbroken’, users can install unapproved apps and themes from outside the official app store.

So impressed was the company with the teen’s hacking abilities, Allegra was recruited by Apple. Yet the Hollywood style tale came to an abrupt end after HR gave him the flick for apparently not replying to an email. Allegra wrote on Twitter late last week that after a year with the company, he is no longer associated with Apple. “As for why?” he added in a follow-up tweet. “Because I forgot to reply to an email.”

He told Forbes that the email he forgot to reply to was an offer to continue his employment at Apple as a remote intern. “I wasn't too happy about it, but it didn't seem like I was able to fix it,” he told Forbes in response to his employment being terminated.

When he announced last year that he had been hired by Apple, he said he accepted the offer because he became “bored” of breaking into Apple's operating system.

Apple has not commented on the matter.