Anger room: add it to your perks list today

by Caitlin Nobes12 Oct 2012

Ever get so frustrated at work that you want to smash something? One Texan woman is making her living by offering the chance to do just that – with a few caveats about what tools you can use.

Donna Alexander provides baseball bats, golf clubs, crowbars and even mannequin limbs at her strip mall establishment, the so-called 'Anger Room'. However, this array still disappoints a few customers: she receives frequent requests for machetes.

Inside the Anger Room are all sorts of inanimate objects on which customers can inflict their repressed rage. From TVs and computer monitors to office furniture – there’s plenty to swing a bat at.

Customers must wear hard hats and protective goggles, and pay $25 for the five-minute “I Need a Break” session. Longer options include the 15-minute “Lash Out” ($45), or the 25-minute “Total Demolition” ($75).

“Most people only last between two and three minutes on average. We have some regulars who can last five to 15 minutes,” Alexander told Bloomberg. When a customer requests 25 minutes, and actually uses all of it, she considers it a warning sign. “That’s when it’s time to suggest they look into real therapy,” she said .

Open for less than a year, the Anger Room sees about 240 customers a month, and the numbers are rising to the point that Alexander has decided to expand to include another two rooms, most the size of an office. She’s also been approached about franchising around the world.

Her clients include “everything from company executives and CEOs to bachelor and bachelorette parties. We get birthdays, team-building retreats, corporate mixers,” she said.

And yes, she does see frustrated office workers visiting during their lunch breaks . She recommends they bring a change of clothes. “It’s a full body workout. You work muscles you didn’t even know you had.”


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