The lighter side

  • Soul-crushing administrative niche HR: The 5 worst HR jobs by

    Outsiders often mistake HR as a homogenous department; the ‘hirers and firers’ who, oh, also conduct safety seminars from time to time.

  • Now that’s a space-age idea by

    It’s not every day an offer like this one becomes available, and there’s a HR team out there with a tough recruitment campaign ahead. Yes, NASA is hiring.

  • Are you letting jerks get ahead? by

    A recent study has claimed that office jerks may be walking away with bigger pay packets than their quiet, agreeable colleagues.

  • The lighter side of HR: Sex and the city by

    Probably most seasoned HR practitioners have seen a fair share of office romances, but not often do you get to deal with sex at the workplace and its ramifications amongst staff. Gary Taylor has faced such a problem…

  • End the year with dignity intact by

    The annual office Christmas party is something that many in HR either look forward to, or revile. It can conjure up images of drunken co-workers, uncomfortable ‘secret Santa’ gift exchanges, cringe-worthy karaoke and awkward business blather.

  • Hopeful candidate gets tasered by

    A man who was unsuccessful for a job at an electronics retailer thought he’d make the most of the experience, putting an Xbox down his trousers on the way out.

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