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  • Demand for sound of silence booming by

    Are you sick of hearing your colleagues chattering away on the phone? What about the inane banter of staff with seemingly nothing to do? Thanks to new “sound masking” technology, a blissful hum can be sprayed throughout every room in the office.

  • How many breaks in a day? by

    The ongoing discussion about increasing flexibility in the workplace is firmly on the agenda, and set to continue well into 2012 and beyond.

  • Nice managers finish last by

    The typical HR manager is often classified as being in the ‘soft’ end of management - ‘the people person, who relates well to others’.

  • When team building goes awry by

    HR regularly allocates large budgets to corporate team building activities, and has big ideas on how to host the perfect activity.

  • Lessons for wise emailing by

    Upset about the poor review he received by a journalist, Kyle Sandilands took to the airwaves this week and unleashed an abusive tirade - though he's an unlikely teacher, there are lessons to be learnt from his mistakes.

  • The Last Word: Q&A with Amy Mulligan; fun facts; and more by

    5 minutes with...Amy Mulligan, Empowerer and HRM, Medland Metropolis; fun facts; and more

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