The lighter side

  • Next time get a doctor’s note by

    A US man has taken telling a white lie for a sickie several steps too far, and placed a death notice in the local paper for his mother – who was in fact alive and well.

  • HC spends 5 minutes with Crilly-Hargrave by

    Each week we feature a profile of an HR industry professional, looking at the serious – and sometimes downright funny – world of HR. This week, we speak to Nic Crilly-Hargrave.

  • Millions gone in one fell sip by

    While workers the world over give themselves a pat on the back for showing up to work, the hangover conversation is costing Australian organisations a whopping $430m in lost annual productivity.

  • Joke of the week: A bit of fun by

    Each week HC brings you the best in workplace humour to end your week with a smile.

  • All I want for Christmas is the New Year! by

    Santa Claus isn’t the only character in town this festive season – veteran office managers have warned that alongside the tinsel and decorations, there’s also the (unfortunate) addition of holiday-spawned alter-egos.

  • Sorry, your star sign makes you ineligible for the job by

    A Chinese firm has decided that people who are Scorpios and Virgos are “too moody and critical”, telling job seekers with those star signs that they need not apply.

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