The lighter side

  • Lighter side: Teen sacked for wearing Broncos jersey in Washington workplace by HCA

    Ensure you communicate your game day policies now before you run into an embarrassing situation like this.

  • Australia day hangover tab $60m by

    If you came into work this morning greeted by a flood of emails and voice messages from employees taking a long weekend, you’re among friends – some 171,000 people will be off work today as the national absenteeism rate shoots from a normal 3.5% to 5%.

  • Light-handed egress: employees steal when leaving by

    A survey has shown it may be wise to keep an eye on employees after an acrimonious departure – 27% of adults admit they have swiped something when leaving a job.

  • Japanese companies regulate waist lines by

    An unusual three-day employee retreat is hosted annually by a Japanese oral hygiene product manufacturer, but not with the goal of teambuilding or boosting sales; instead, slimmer waistlines is the focus.

  • HC spends 5 minutes with... by

    Each week we feature a profile of an HR industry professional, looking at the serious - and sometimes downright funny - world of HR.

  • Job allocation: the brick method by

    Ever had difficulty deciding which position is best suited to a potential employee? Fear not! A new method has been devised to make your decision easy.

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