The lighter side

  • Toughest recruitment drive in Australia: The PM’s office by

    Spare a thought for the worker bees in Canberra; they’ve got a tough job on their hands. Just hours after Julia Gillard yesterday announced a leadership ballot for Monday, faux job listings were out in force.

  • Authentic sick leave? You’re dreamin’ by

    The hassle of getting that pesky medical certificate to legitimise a day on the couch just got a whole lot easier for employees – why make a trip to the doctor’s office and feign a cough when you can get one mailed straight to your door?

  • HR manager busted for jury duty scam by

    It’s usually HR’s job to bust employees for their scams to get out of work – but this time it was a HR manager who turned crooked.

  • HC spends 5 minutes with Trina Palazzolo by

    For HR generalist Trina Palazzolo, working in HR has brought great satisfaction – and there's been some great perks along the way!

  • I’ve been the Head Cheese for 6 years... by

    Do you hand out business cards that say an actual job title? How very 20th century of you! Today’s movers and shakers prefer to give their employees the freedom to choose their own imaginative titles.

  • Toilet alarms: workers in Norway say “no way” by

    Call-centre workers at a Norwegian insurance company have spoken out against a high-tech surveillance system that triggers flashing lights if they spend more than eight minutes in the loo.

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