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  • CV lies: “Skills: I can type without looking at thekeyboard by Stephanie Zillman

    New research has indicated that candidates are less likely to lie on their online job profiles than hard-copy resumes – apparently candidates feel their information is more open to scrutiny when it’s online and are less likely to invent bogus skills and work history as a result.

  • Noisy workplaces get the creative juices flowing by Stephanie Zillman

    New research indicates that if your workplace is too quiet you may be missing an essential ingredient of creativity and innovation: noise

  • Swiss turn down more paid holidays by

    HR can only ponder whether, if given the same option, Australian employees would follow the example of the hard-working, lederhosen-wearing Swiss or just take an extra two weeks on the beach…

  • Fringe benefits: Would an on-site hairdressing salon boost engagement? by

    A multi-national corporation has cited ‘flexibility and trust’ as the key tenets behind allowing employees to pop down to its own on-site hair salon for haircuts and treatments during working hours.

  • I thought I was the boss? by

    Employees at a fast-food franchise in the US didn’t know quite what to do when a man wearing a tie and carrying a briefcase waltzed in claiming to be their new boss.

  • HC spends 5 minutes with Annette Sibley by

    For Annette Sibley, knowing that HR has played a role in the end business result is a source of great satisfaction.

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