The lighter side

  • Here’s a late slip from my bus driver by

    If the most powerful union in Adelaide gets its way, bus drivers will be allowed to offer passengers a ‘late slip’ to give to their bosses if their bus is running late.

  • Tell us your best interview story to win an iPad! by Human Capital

    It’s the fodder that keeps HR laughing – tell us your best ever interview story and go into the draw to win a brand new iPad.

  • Dramatic resignations go viral by Human Capital

    While the latest resignation to go viral on the net is a heartfelt farewell by a project manager to her team, not all viral hits sing a company’s praises. HC takes a look at the best (and worst) employee resignations to go viral.

  • ‘Sardine rage’ takes hold in Aussie workplaces by

    Office spaces in Australia are shrinking, and workplace consultants have identified a new affliction plaguing workers as a result: ‘sardine rage’.

  • Encourage employees to go on Facebook and read the newspaper by Stephanie Zillman

    Encouraging workers to browse their social networks or to take a load off with the newspaper may seem like a recipe for disaster – but it’s not the bludge fest you might think.

  • Kissing colleagues an awkward office dilemma by Stephanie Zillman

    The ‘workplace kiss’remains an unspoken dilemma causing awkward moments in offices around the country. So, is it ever appropriate to kiss a colleague on the cheek?

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